Many of our residents cannot access the kind of financial services we all take for granted and have to use  extortionate door-step lenders etc.  As a result they get into debt and can’t pay their rent.  Last year the team:

  • helped provide 668 affordable loans to residents
  • supported 1,249 residents with free debt advice
  • supported 1,244 residents to budget better through the ‘GuideLine’ phone service

We are also the first Housing Association to select a national Credit Union partner so all our residents can access affordable banking services on-line and over the phone.

The team is also responsible for ‘Get Connected which encourages our residents to go on-line.  So far we have helped increase the number of residents going on-line from 57% to 69%.  And overall it’s calculated that the team saved our residents an estimated £900k last year.

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