The Vision

Neighbourhood Investment (NI) aspires to enrich lives and improve communities acting as a core element of the wider Community Investment programme.  We envisage realising communities that are vibrant and resilient – helping to develop neighbourhoods that people want to live in and are proud of.

The three central aims of NI are:

  • Improving priority neighbourhoods (people and places);
  • Building social capital (strengthening the sense of community and enhancing neighbourliness);
  • Engaging and providing access to residents for key service providers (identifying areas of need and opportunity for internal and external partners)

Key Themes

NI takes a streamlined approach to delivering its key aims. The central themes are:

  • Youth engagement:  providing opportunities for young people to get involved in positive activities, with a focus on sports, creative arts and community development all strengthened where appropriate by access to accredited training and volunteering streams. Enabling young people to positively influence relevant agendas at a national and local level (National/Community Ambassadors). Direct intervention is an additional approach available to address specific ASB/Community Safety issues;
  • Greener and healthier neighbourhoods: through our Cultiv8 programme and local regeneration initiatives, we will provide opportunities for residents to encourage food growing (allotments/kitchen gardens); enhance underused green/brown spaces; and access healthier lifestyles (outdoor gyms/natural play areas/sports spaces);
  • Empowering communities: providing access to direct funding to deliver projects designed and delivered at a neighbourhood level (Community Grants Programme/Bright Ideas Fund) and capacity building groups to ensure impact is sustained;
  • Community Assets: investing in community facilities (places and people) to ensure they are fit-for-purpose and able to act as Community Hubs for the benefit of wider communities.

For more information on our Community Grants Programme click here.

Last year the Neighbourhood Investment team :

  • ran hundreds of sports and arts programmes benefiting over 2,500 young people, reducing ASB and giving our young people a positive start in life
  • supported 10 residents to be Youth Ambassadors raising the profile of young people in the group
  • supported 50 community centres (assets) to be the focus of activities for their communities
  • supported 61 local community improvement projects with £200k of small grants
  • brightened up external areas with new allotments, sports areas and community gardens

Overall the team improved the equivalent of two football pitches worth of communal land and buildings

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For more information, please contact Matt Parsonage, Head of Neighbourhood Investment on 0300 100 0303, or email


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