When do you expect the Sherwood Close development to start?

Phase 1Archer House, 1-10, 12-21 and 70-72 Sherwood Close.

Phase 1 construction is well underway and we expect the new homes to be completed in early 2019.

Phase 2Crossbow House, 22-37, 39-42 & 43-68 Sherwood Close.

Construction starts on site in 2019.

Phase 3Target House.

Construction starts on site TBC

How many homes are being built?

The estate will increase from 209 to around 280 homes although the design and layout of the estate will be vastly improved. The estate will move from being mostly (60%) 1 beds to more family sized homes.

How tall will the new estate be?

The new estate will have blocks that are no higher than exist now.

How long will it take to demolish and rebuild the estate?

Seven years.

It will take about a year to develop the plans for the new estate, obtain planning permission and empty the first phase. Each of the 3 phases will then take about two years to be built.

Will there be any jobs for estate residents / local people?

Clarion Housing will be providing a comprehensive introduction to work programme which will include:

  • one to one support
  • access to training
  • access to external employment opportunities thought our links with employers and our contractors.

Will Clarion Housing manage all the homes on the estate?

All homes for rent and all the public realm will be managed by Clarion Housing.

What parking will be provided?

The number of car parking spaces provided will meet Ealing planning guidance, so there will be about 0.4 of a parking space for each household. These spaces will be distributed evenly between houses for sale and those for rent, with a small number designated for a car club and disabled use.

How will parking be controlled?

To help prevent unauthorised parking we propose controlled parking by issuing parking permits. The allocation of the permits will be based on a parking policy discussed and agreed with the resident board.

How will you discourage contractors parking their cars at properties in the surrounding streets?

In order to minimise disturbance to local residents we will specify that there will be no contractor parking on the surrounding streets. The workforce will be asked to use public transport Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, and Northfields Avenue stations.

How will construction traffic (trucks) be managed and how will they be routed into the site?

We are assessing all potential access routes to ensure we keep any disruption to surrounding residential areas to a minimum. Our preference will be for construction access from Northfield Avenue through use of a temporary construction access route. Discussions are being held with Ealing Highways Department, Transport for London, Police, Ealing Hospital and the local community with regards to access routes well in advance of specific works being undertaken. We are proposing both entry and exit for construction access onto Northfield Avenue, in order to prevent vehicles needing to route through the Site.

What is the additional traffic foreseen at Tawny Close as a result of the opening of new roads?

As part of the redevelopment proposals we are undertaking a detailed transport assessment on the scale of impact resulting from opening vehicular access to Tawny Close, and the proposed increase in new homes on the development. These assessments are on-going and will be made public once finalised, and will form part of the planning application submission.